On the 1st of May 2018 I started my new life in fashion retail.  After two decades working in hospitality both here and abroad, raising a family, founding and establishing a wine wholesale import/export business this next venture seemed very left field.

But from the moment I heard Zubu was looking for a new owner something just clicked.

I love fashion .

I know this sounds cliche but its not just the vast variations of colour, fabric and styles that appleal;

its the emotive side of the industry I truly belive the right outfit can lift your mood and give you confidence.

I want to help you find wardrobe staples, pieces that both flatter and reflect your style and personality. 

The true gift a boutique like Zubu can offer is the chance to break away from uniform dressing and discover your own personal style.


Zubu: where you do you!

Teresa Nobilo-Healy


Teresa at Zubu